8 Questions to Ask Prospective Drug Treatment Centers

Have you tried several drug rehabs that haven’t worked out for you? It’s not your fault. There isn’t a single addiction recovery facility or clinic that works for everyone, and there are over 14,500 drug rehabs in the United States. Treatment centers are as varied as the patients who walk into them, and whether you have found it or not, there is one out there that will be able to help you.

But before you set foot in any other treatment centers, improve your opportunity to find one that will match your personality and needs. Ask these eight questions to determine whether the treatment centers on your short list offer you the most effective, personal recovery plan:

1.     Is your clinic an inpatient or outpatient operation?

Knowing this basic detail will enable you to quickly eliminate the drug rehabs that don’t fulfill your personal health requirements. For instance, if you work a full-time job, you probably can’t take the time off necessary to participate in an inpatient program.

2.     What tools and skills do you focus on to encourage long-term success?

Some treatment centers address the short-term goal of stopping the consumption of a substance without addressing how you will maintain your recovery long-term. Asking this question gives you insight into how effective the program will be.

3.     Which therapy options do you offer?

If you’ve heard about a type of therapy you want to try, perhaps music or behavioral therapy, make sure the rehab center has it!

4.     Do you require group sessions?

Some patients respond better to treatment with private, one-on-one sessions rather than large group support. There’s nothing wrong with either approach. However, some clinics don’t offer both or require one or the other, and it’s best to know what to expect up-front.

5.     What is your recovery success rate?

Treatment centers should have an answer to this question, both to show they are professionally and scientifically driven and to establish that they are invested in patient success.

6.     Do you have a mentorship program?

Medical doctors and psychiatrists are a great foundation for your addiction treatment team. However, it can also be beneficial to have access to someone who has gone through drug rehabs and can relate to your struggle.

7.     What financing options are available?

You may be hurting financially due to a lack of work or legal struggles. Investigate how you can afford different treatment centers to ensure that you won’t be adding any financial stress that could give you an excuse to back out.

The sooner you can narrow down your prospective drug rehabs and find a match, the sooner you can start a new chapter in your life! Start interviewing treatment centers today or utilize our drug rehab referral service.

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